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Jaguar F Pace

It's been awhile since our own research turned up so many immediate positive reviews for a new auto. A car may need a year or more after lea...

Carillon Miami Beach

The Carillon Miami Beach Resort & Spa sits on the northern skirts of the South Beach strip, just steps away from the Atlantic and offers...

Detoxifying Teas

Detoxifying the body naturally of toxins has grown popular. Drinking tea in the morning instead of coffee is no longer just for the British....

Industry Rules Magazine


Water, water, water, everywhere. And I'm not talking about the world's oceans which cover much of the earth. I'm talking about walking into a store's refrigerated section to get something to drink and being amazed at how many different brands there are for just a bottle of water. It really is amazing. And here most of us thought water was just water. O[...]

Marcellas Reynolds

With fashionable footsteps that date back to high fashion modeling for names like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren before a memorable stint on the show Big Brother (CBS), celebrity stylist & television host Marcellas Reynolds knows now more than anyone, it’s best to crawl before you walk.  With 18 million people watching the Season 3 finale, Reynolds muse[...]

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Coffee Time

Industry Rules' Coffee Time is a talk show centered around a great conversation and your favorite celebrity.  With it's first 6 episode pilo...

Prime Results

Industry Rules' Prime Results is a fitness show that focuses on getting you in shape.  We teach as well as demonstrate essential techniques ...