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Toyota Rav4

Toyota’s RAV4 lineup received a facelift in 2019. The exalted manufacturer modernized the styling of the RAV4 (giving the car a capable, ag...


Crisp, refreshing, and natural. Spindrift is taking a healthy spin on soda. Sans syrups, concentrates, and other artificial sweeteners, the ...

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Drs. Theodore Nyame & Sandy Charles

Drs. Theodore Nyame and Sandy Charles are the quintessentials medical providers of the modern era. Putting patients' needs and concerns at the forefront, this power couple has been providing care every since they graduated from Harvard and Princeton. Dr. Theodore "Theo" Nyame is a Harvard educated and Harvard trained board certified plastic surgeon spec[...]

Zen by Esnavi

Nowadays we, beauty enthusiasts, love for the products we use to be au natural and organic. But what if our beauty products were also edible, and even delicious?! The Agave Sugar Lip Scrub from Zen by Esnavi comes in a petite case packed with grand ingredients that are hydrating and succulent. I followed the directions and scrubbed the golden mixture of[...]

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Coffee Time

Industry Rules' Coffee Time is a talk show centered around a great conversation and your favorite celebrity.  With it's first 6 episode pilo...

Prime Results

Industry Rules' Prime Results is a fitness show that focuses on getting you in shape.  We teach as well as demonstrate essential techniques ...