Need breeds! Nude Barre came to life when CEO, Erin Carpenter was dancing and couldn’t find nude stockings to match her skin color. Every booking for a commercial or a video shoot she would be asked to wear nude stockings and the challenge began. She would shop on and offline but every time after she purchased the closest color to her shade she would have to either dye them, paint them or apply makeup to get a perfect match.
The redundancy of the cycle; buy then dye to match helped breed the need to find a line that would empower Erin to feel good about her skin tone instead of wishing she had another shade that didn’t entail so much work to be smooth and nude. When none was to be found in 2009, Nude Barre was born.

Nude Barre is an eco friendly undergarment line that prides itself in being conscious and conventional. Their 16 shades to match various skin tones of all women including women of color is complimented by the transparency and durability of its product. What makes her line eco friendly is not only the yarn but also the manufacturing process used to make her products. Nude Barre even has a pair of convertible stockings to answer to the demands of a professional dancer who at most times would have to change their hosiery when doing dances that require the balls of their feet to be bare. Not anymore! The convertible line is durable and comes in a crystallized opaque tight for adults and children. What is also fantastic about the product is its price point. It ranges from $16-$125.00. So there is something for everyone.


Who are some of the people that are “Caught in the Nude?” Everyone! Wendy Williams is a product ambassador for Nude Barre. As if that isn’t enough some of the women on Real Housewives wear the line. However, if you google Nude Barre celebrities are not the only one talking about this line. So are: Huffington Post, Examiner, tons of bloggers and Black Enterprise just to name a few.

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After meeting Erin at her #NudeMoments Sip and Shop (Shout out to Jade Norfleet) I realized that business is bred from what is missing within the dimension of supply and demand. Erin saw a demand for a product and is still supplying that need. However like all successful entrepreneurs she is also seeking expansion. Her hosiery line has expanded to include nude bras and seamless thongs.

So how does someone with no business background nor fashion experience become a CEO of her own luxury hosiery line? Erin’s daddy told her to be patient with the process of learning. Seven years later Nude Barre is not only sold online but also in retail locations across the nation. Hence creating a story of success by empowering women to embrace their shade and look beautiful in their own skin.

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Her business acumen came from mentors, business incubators and asking a lot of questions. Her transition from professional dancer to full time executive meant that dancing would always be her love but Nude Barre was now her priority. Her new found passion switched from the foxtrot to fashion.

Erin accomplished all that she has with the understanding that challenge is a necessary tool of learning business. Erin faced each challenge in business as an opportunity to become a better businesswoman. Those challenges became a means of motivation instead of intimidation. Each challenge or short coming of expectations of successful planning became new business models for her company to grow. That growth included opportunities for better management of her time, resources and overall business mindset. She calls it; “creative problem solving.”

Her business advice when asked is simple. In short she says; “Start, plan and then learn how to bend.” In one of the many articles written on Erin her business prowess stems from another simple philosophy. She believes that if you learn how to maneuver through challenges in business you will learn how to survive as an entrepreneur. Survival is obtained and established through creativity, flexibility and evolution. The focus is not what you need to change but what you need to change for the better.

Nude Barre makes your legs look better. The evolution of that ideal is that when you look better you feel better. Right? In the case of professional dancers they now have one less challenge to overcome. So ladies and dancers…Satisfy your thirst for the right shade of nude by being served at the Nude Barre.
For more information go to www.nudebarre.com


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