It’s Raining.

And here I am struggling to breathe in a room full of oxygen. Which makes no difference to the thoughts in my head telling me it’s all too much.

They keep telling me these are the moments I should live for. These are the little things that mean something. I’m just confused on who thinks this. Is it the 80 year old version of me that I have never met or the childhood bad ass that thinks, “this really is what dreams are made of.”

Losing a fight with my mind isn’t something I’m not accustomed too. I do it ever so often when the tree runs low and the emotions get high.

Love don’t live here anymore. I keep trying to get that statement through peoples heads. People that know so little on the wide spectrum. They know so much less than man made items. My cell phone could be a witness if cell phones could speak freely.

Pre-judgments of me things I wish to achieve aren’t even valid. They don’t add love to the equation.

Because, even though I can’t breathe I still gasp for air until it becomes a little easier. Even though I don’t wanna live in moments; I find myself waiting until 4am for a guy to text me his thoughts on flowers blooming in dark rooms. I lose a fight with my mind on things that might have stumped Mr. Einstein. Ah, and love. Love keeps throwing me down…

but, It still must be added to the equation. It must always be added….like sugar.

“better hurry up beautiful, sugar melts.”


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