You really never realize how different you are, until you meet normal people. Stuck in the same square that I broke out of, a while ago. They are full of lines that look the same, with thoughts that mimic others that you would find on TV, or in a store. They are black and white, not realizing that, gray, gives life such definition.

I have found myself to think differently then most. I sit and make up little stories until I start to actually think they are the truth. First step to making others believe something is to believe it yourself. I don’t think of it as, lying, as much as acting a part of someone I want to be for that moment in time.

I get dressed according to my mood, funny earrings, and my hair everywhere. I usually look as if I just rolled out of bed (and most of the time that is correct).
I have been told that I am beautiful. I have a wonderful smile and a laugh that bring people to want to laugh with me. I don’t count that as beauty though. I think I am proud to have those looks because of my family, and what they mean to me, I am who I am though, because of the soul that inhabits my body. I would love for people to judge me on the person I have grown to be, not the parts that are aging as the years go by.

I think every one person I meet, can teach me something about the life I live. So, things I think are my goals today might not be what I want for myself tomorrow. I want people to challenge my thinking and to understand what I am saying. I want them to take the time to get the inside jokes my head makes so they can laugh too.
I won’t force it on people, but, be damned if I change, because you didn’t take the time to see through my eyes.

You’re Straight… I’m Square…
You’re A trip… I’m A Fall…

We’re different. I’m willing to be normal, if you’re willing to be strange.


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