Time is winding down at work and you could use a quick boost of energy for those last few hours before the office closes. Plus, you have a project that is due by close of business. You could go to your nearest Starbucks for a cup of coffee or grab a 5 hour energy drink. Those are great options, but we recommend Uptime Energy drink as a great alternative.

Encased in a sleek 335mL aluminum bottle, Uptime Energy beverage is packed with energy boosters that’s designed to keep you body as well as your mind stimulated.

The beverage comes in sugar (natural cane sugar) and sugar free options. The sugar dose comes in at 39 grams which is right around the recommended sugar intake for adults.

Does it contain caffeine? Yes, The Uptime Energy contains caffeine (the same amount you would experience in a cup of coffee), but the additional ingredients like Angelica Root Extract, Ginseng Extract and Gotu Kola Extract continues to distinguish this energy drink.

The taste is that of a refreshing citric soft drink with no crashes or fuzzy feelings after consumption. So, it’s very much enjoyable

You can find Uptime Energy drinks at your local GNC store or by order from Amazon.


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