We all know the fun hit show, The Voice. We as viewers feel so invested in the contestants as we yell at the television for the coaches to turn their chair or when we are voting for our season favorite. Last season there was a special contestant that instantly won our hearts and made it all the way to the Semi-Finals and that is Bryan Bautista. Since the show he has been working on new music and performing all over the country and internationally. We at Industry Rules Magazine decided to catch up with the season’s heart throb to find out how life has been different since the show. Here’s what he had to say:

 DL: Has your life changed since The Voice?“It’s changed a lot and I have been fortunate enough to keep pursuing my career after the show. I didn’t have to go back to Barclays [Center] or anything like that or clock back into work. It’s been a blessing to be able to be solely dependent on my singing career.”

 DL: Are you getting recognized on the streets now?

BB: “Yea people recognize me everywhere. Yea I was just recently in Atlanta and people came up to me like Oh My God I voted for you every week. And of course at home in New York people would stop me on the streets in the city and tell me Good Job. It’s cool like that, its very dope when people acknowledge everything I achieved on the show.”

 DL: How does it feel going from the Barclays Center to The Voice?

BB: “It’s very reassuring. It helps keep me confident in knowing that I made the right decision about pursuing my career. It’s just like, I went all in and it’s been paying off. I took a leap of faith and everything that I could ever dream of is slowly paying off. There are still a bunch of achievements to be had but everything is progressing.”

DL: Did you have any stumbling blocks on your journey?

BB: “When I made it on the show, you’re surrounded by a bunch of talented individuals who can all sing in their own way. Although, everyone is singing cover songs, there is room for everyone to be original and leave your own stamp.”

DL: Who are your musical influences and how did you choose your songs on The Voice?

BB: “I’d pick songs that were popular but would let me showcase my influences and things of that nature. (Influences are) Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, love Teddy Pendergrass. I am also Puerto Rican and Dominican, so I have bunch of artists that influence me like Anthony Santos, Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony, etc… I have a bunch of influences from every angle.”

DL: How did it feel to work with Christina Aguilera?

BB: “I just felt like it was a perfect match. I was fortunate enough to be on her team, I never got stolen or anything like that. I was basically on her team from the blind auditions all the way up to the semi-finals. So that whole time we got to work with each other. She allowed me to be confident in the decisions I made vocally. Which before I came on the show I always second guessed myself; self-doubt could be worse. So when I made my choices I asked her how I was going to switch it up a little bit. When you have a GRAMMY award winning artist telling you WOW, that was dope, keep that up, you have no choice but to listen.”

DL: What are some of the highlights after The Voice?

BB: “I been able to perform internationally, that was pretty incredible being flown out to perform out in Canada, twice. I got a chance to be a guest performer at Kuwait-America Foundation, a Do the Right Thing dinner, where a bunch of kids wrote their stories on things that they been through and how they been able to keep on the right path. I was the guest performer and Nia long was the guest speaker. Even the company I’ve been blessed to be in after the show, it’s been amazing. Everything has been rolling and it’s been amazing. And it’s all because of the show and the exposure.”

DL: What is some advice for other upcoming singers?

BB: “Sometimes you may look at your progress and it may not be going fast as you want it to be, but slow progress is better than no progress.”

DL: What are some upcoming projects that you are working on?

BB: “I am about to release 2 singles in the next couple of weeks. I have a few college shows booked from now until April [2017]. But my main focus is getting this EP done.”

 DL: What does Bryan Bautista do for fun?

BB: “I love to eat (chuckle). I’ll go to a restaurant in a heartbeat. I love watching movies, chill with my boys. I have a whole clipper set, so when my boys need a shape up or anything like that, I’d do some barbering. I play ball and I work out. I try to find time to get some me time.”

DL: How can people follow you?

BB: “My social media is @whoisbyranb”.

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