Renowned Chef Wenford Patrick Simpson, came from humble beginnings back in his native country of Jamaica. As a young boy, he became interested in cooking at the tender age of nine when he had to step in and take care of his younger sister while his mother worked two jobs. In fact, since the food supply was in limited quantity in the Simpson household at that time, he had to become really creative in how he prepared food. This was just the beginning of the road to culinary greatness for this cooking genius.

Chef Patrick is currently the executive chef at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill and The Highline Ballroom in New York. In addition, he has additional restaurants such as the Howard Theater in Washington D.C. and Subrosa in NYC where he also serves as executive chef and where he shares his passion for all things food. Chef Patrick exudes warmth for people, and his passion for food is infectious. He has been known to prepare personalized food samplings at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, where he shares his mouthwatering creations with his ever growing fan base. Chef Patrick loves to share his knowledge about food with everyone he meets.

In addition to being executive chef at his restaurants, Chef Patrick is an entrepreneur of sorts as he has launched his own line of sauces and seasonings simply called Simpson’s Foods. If that were not enough, he also will be coming out with a cookware line that will be sold at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s called Simpson’s Cookware. It seems that Chef Patrick is blessed with boundless energy as he has multiple projects that he juggles with apparent ease. He has the knack of making his cooking look effortless. This is the reason he is one of the nation’s top chefs.

Chef Patrick has prepared meals for some of the biggest celebrities in the world including President Donald Trump, Jamie Foxx, Robin Thicke, and Keith Sweat among countless others. He has spent decades honing his craft, and he is just now seeing all his efforts pay off. In fact, he is known as Bloomingdale’s favorite chef, which is a high honor indeed. He has won other countless awards such as the one given by The League of International Chefs Association for outstanding work. This just goes to further prove that Simpson is a true leader in his field and a role model for other aspiring chefs. His warmth is immediately apparent, his passion for food and people knows no bounds, and his soulful laugh is infectious. He is the man and the marvel, Chef Wenford Patrick Simpson.


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