Tremaine AKA ” Trey Songz” AKA ” Mr. Steal Your Girl” is joining the reality show band wagon and has officially agreed to partner up with VH1 to celebrate their #14daysoflove theme. The show will be set with a premise of 13 girls finding their way to Trey’s heart by proving their love for him and hoping to win his heart.

As part of Vh1’s #14daysoflove theme to celebrate a series of love themed shows and movies, Trey Songz will give his fans an exclusive look of his trailer  “Tremaine The Playboy” to see what the episodes will be about on his quest to finding love. After the #14daysoflove theme completely airs on  VH1, Trey Songz will continue the rest of the episode on his website called Tremainetheplayboy.com. Check out the preview below and let us know your thoughts.


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