Many are convinced an image is worth a thousand words including Architectural Photographer Elizabeth Dooley of Dooley Images. Dooley began her career as a professional photographer in 2005 for real estate and marketing but she says, “working in such an eclectic city like NY, collaborating with its top designers continuously sparks inspiration.”

Dooley can relate to how her thoughtful craft is revered which seems to have traveled from drawing, painting, and sculpture as mediums and ending in modern era of architectural photography. To Dooley, the quiet craft is a thrilling one. “Gaining access to the industry’s leading creators is such an explosive representation of design. I feel in this industry, relation of function and aesthetic influence many.”
Dooley, who is transitioning out of commercial aspects of real estate as a career focus and into the art of capturing the architecture that originally inspired her profession states, “I’m inspired by creators who can reflect an environment with contemporary design.” Seeing high quality, high end design best describes her love for photography and the creative nature of buildings in New York which are a contrast of old and new. She comments that a major influence is Christine Harper in Brooklyn who has been an inspiration.

Dooley continues, “Photography has always triggered my ability to connect with structure and highlight the beauty of design. I feel in this industry, relation of function and aesthetic influence many.” Of course, iconic innovators from Frank Lloyd Wright to Picasso are among the endless influencers that sweeten Dooley’s reverence for design and visual storytelling.

To Dooley, cookie cutter structures and interiors are not nearly as interesting as the eclectic city scape she is immersed in that makes up New York. While she’s come to appreciate components that make smaller dwellings specific to New York unique such as “functionality of furniture, flipping walls, hidden closets” she’s shifting to focus on the enguinety of refining design related spaces through her lens. Of the personal process that shapes her approach Dooley explains, “I try to find a connection with a project that tells a transfiguring story between the artist and the design.”

The quiet process capturing architectural interiors ends in a commingling of perspectives. It’s a collaboration of the homeowner including their design style and how they want to live mixed with the creativity of the actual architect. As a photographer, Dooley translates both into the final visual story but remains inspired, “by creators who can reflect an environment with contemporary design.”

Just like the distinct property that pops up amidst a street row of town houses, Dooley’s growing presence as a seasoned woman architectural photographer is a breath of fresh modern air. We’re with Dooley, it’s great to stand out when you do what you love, whether it’s traditional, modern, or futuristic.


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