Chef Admir Alibasic is a celebrity chef who developed a passion for cooking at an early age. He was born into a family that found connection regularly through food. Whether it was intimate family dinners, special birthday meals, or summer barbecues, Chef Admir grew up with a passion for food. While he was a high school student, he worked at his uncle’s iconic restaurant in New York City called Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse. It was there that he honed his culinary skills as he rose in the ranks from kitchen prep staff to executive chef.

Although many chefs would have been content working at such a known food establishment, Chef Admir went on to achieve an education at Hunter College with a major in food science. This not only furthered his knowledge, but also helped to catapult his career into top chef status as he was often sought out to appear on TV as a food expert on PIX11, Fox 5, and CNN Money among many others channels. He has also appeared as a highly regarded food expert in many high profile publications including the New York Times. His confidence, creativity, and charity set him apart from not only other tops chefs in New York City but around the world as well.

Chef Admir is passionate about giving back to the community and has worked with organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club, American Cancer Society, The Sarcoma Foundation, The Taste of Hope St Jude’s, and The New York Food Bank among many others. He not only has a passion for food, he has a heart of pure gold. In fact, Chef Admir feels more than blessed and considers it an honor to give regularly to the less fortunate. To him, true honor is derived from giving to those in need. He along with the owners of Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse, Jack and Harry Sinanaj, give regularly to charity and participate in community driven events.

Chef Admir is known in the culinary world for his endlessly creative dishes and specialty cocktails. In fact, he created a drink out of kahlua and steak sauce. Although it may sound like an improbable combination, it is a runaway hit with the restaurant’s patrons. Chef Admir regularly experiments with his specialty steak sauce and infuses his many creations with its unique taste. Chef Admir is and will continue to be one of the top chefs not only in New York City, but the world as well.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I had the opportunity to visit one of Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse location in the heart of New York City.  From entering the restaurant, I was treated with warmth hospitality.  There, I met Chef Admir. He and I talk about his start in the culinary industry and his enthusiasm of creating food that people will not only enjoy, but remember their taste experience.  He also showed me the process on how they prepared steak, from aging of meats to the intense preparation for the customer.  The process was eye-opening as Chef Admir explained in great detail.

Then, I was greeted with a meal prepared by Chef Admir. It was one of the best steaks I have ever tasted.  Packed with savory flavor, the steak was tender and delicious.  Chef Admir also introduce his special Ben & Jack’s (Not Just) Steak Sauce, which added more zest to an already splendid meal.  

Later, Chef Admir stated that Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse will be adding another location in Manhattan.  He stated, the new location on 44th Street opening this summer will continue the tradition of bringing exceptional steak tasting experience to its increasing audience. Stay tuned.


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