It’s 4:00am and sun has yet to shine its light on New York City.  James Beauvil just finished an hour of cardio.  As he listen to 50 Cents through his Beats by Dre, he is now preparing to work on his upper body strength; chest and biceps. Although the gym is mostly empty because it’s early in the morning, James continues to draw a crowd that’s there.  People gather around as he puts five 45lbs plates on each side of the bar on the bench-press machine.  The Haitian born fitness model is on a new path to reshape his body. 

After and discussion with a friend at Blink Fitness gym located at Grand Central area of Manhattan, James claimed that he could loose weight and get down to 190lbs within 90 days without loosing his power and strength.  He made this bold statement to the Editor-in-Chief of Industry Rules Magazine back in January when we weighed 260lbs.  He took the challenge head-on and begin the transformation  

Within three months, James cut 70lbs of fat off his frame.  His regiment consisted of working out twice a day (once in the morning and at eventing) and a healthy diet that rid itself of sugar, salt, bread, rice and dairy products.  His workout is tense with 200 nonstop dips to start followed by a hour level 15 on treadmill.  

At 6’2 and now 190lbs of lean muscle with 2-3 percent of body fat, James is aiming to take his fitness modeling to the next level.  He still maintains his power with his ability to bench-press a little bit under 500 pounds.  When asked about his next endeavor, James chokingly says “wait for it”.


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