Stefanie Steel is a 25 year old professional print model, specializing in fitness and beauty. My thick, curly fro and quirky smile make for great beauty shots/campaigns. Because of my background as an athlete on the Brooklyn College Cross country team, and my continued LOVE for running, I tend to book a lot of fitness work. I joined the cross country team on a whim, in my Sophomore year at Brooklyn College and completely fell in love with the sport of running and competing. Two years later I became the team captain and placed in the CUNYAC championships [7th in a field of 80 runners 🙂 ]. Being an athlete has become a way of life for me; my love for working out has expanded, and now includes yoga, HIT classes, and pretty much anything that will give me a good sweat. As an athlete, I get injured often, and I am currently working on building a stronger,injury-proof foundation. Although my interests have expanded, running will always be my first love and true please. RUNNING IS MY RELIGION <3
Eating a clean, well-balanced diet is also important to me because it goes hand-in-hand with being an athlete. It feels good to put good in. I love to read, and am a writer. I love to people- watch and use everyday encounters, the odd things we think, and the difficult conversations that are part of being human, as inspiration for my work.
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