Amanda LaCount is a 16 year old passionate actor,singer, and Hip Hop dancer who started dancing at the age of two. She was raised in Fort Collins, Colorado with her six brothers and sisters before moving to Los Angeles, California to follow her dream to become a professional dancer. Industry rules had the opportunity to speak to this outgoing charismatic and inspirational dancer who is also an advocate for the fight against body shaming and bullying.

MHC: Who inspired you to dance?

AL: I had two older sisters that danced and I wanted to do it too! I especially wanted to be up on stage performing with them. Once I made the big move from Colorado to Los Angeles and I signed with Bloc Talent Agency, things really started to happen professionally for me.

Another big break was when Matt Steffanina who has over 25 million social media followers put me in his “Dessert” class video last year and over 75% of the comments are about me. “The girl in the neon shoes.” It led to Matt putting me on his TV show “Dance Off Juniors”. The comments I received inspired me even more to keep dancing.

When I first moved to Los Angeles. I was kind of down because I did not see other people that look like me doing amazing things. When I first saw professional Allison Buczkowki, I was inspired. She has worked with so many popular artist such as Janet Jackson. Also, she was not a size zero and it made me feel that if she can do it why can’t I do it. She never gave up, she motivated me!

MHC: What made you get into Hip Hop Dance?

AL: At a young age I was introduced to three styles of dance Tap, Ballet, and Jazz however at the age of six when I was started Hip Hop classes I just fell in love with it, it was fun. I hated ballet because I had to wear pink tights and a leotard uniform. I did not like wearing uniforms. All I wanted to wear were cool shirts and pants. The Hip-Hop classes did not feel like I was working it felt like a party and best of all I did not have to wear a uniform. So ever since my introduction to Hip- Hop, I have been dancing to it since. I have trained in other styles of dance but I dance to Hip-Hop every day for hours.

MHC: What is your favorite dance song?

AL: I have so many favorites. The songs I dance to changes every day. However, right now I like dancing to Kendrick Lamar song Humble. I have not done a combo dance to it but I will like to do one soon.
MHC: What are your goals?

AL: I want to continue training professionally in dance for my entire life until I can not dance anymore. I would like to be a backup dancer and go on a tour like Meghan Trainor. I love her music and her positive messages. Since next year I will be a senior, I also want to attend college, the top three Universities I would like to consider are University of Southern California (USC), Loyola Marymount, or Pepperdine. I want to major in Psychology and Pre-Law and want to possibly become a lawyer and open my own dance studio.

MHC: What are some of your current and upcoming projects?

AL: I will be featured in an upcoming segment of Dancing with the Stars that will air May 1st. I also just made the WNBA LA Sparks Kids crew that performs at LA Sparks games for the second year in a row I shot a music video with Nia Sioux from “Dance Moms” while working with the choreographer Comfort.
Next month, I start my own ten city #breakingthestereotype Amanda LaCount Live Dance Tour. This tour will also be a part of my motivational speaking engagements that focuses on body positivity.
In addition, I will be playing a bully named Janitza, in the feature film Hot Pastrami that will be shooting this summer. This role was a challenged for me because if you ever meet me I am always smiling and such a happy person. However, I enjoy challenges so I look forward to the experience.

MHC: What is your motto?

AL: #breakingthestereotype
All of my life I have been told that I was “too big” or had the “wrong body type” to be a dancer. Dance is my PASSION. I want to inspire everyone to follow their dreams and not worry about what other people think.
Please do not judge me by the cover wait until I show you. People will sometimes make comments saying that they did not expect me to be such a good dancer due to my size. It is a good and bad thing. I think to myself even though they made the comment saying my dancing is good, I wonder why they did not expect it to be.
The main point is we should break the stereotypes.

MHC: What advice do you have for other young or “young at heart” followers?

AL: Be confident in yourself. Do not care what other people think, although it is great getting compliments that should not be the reason why you feel confidence in yourself. You should not have to get other peoples approval to think that you are good enough or think you are beautiful. If people are hating on you just ignore them. They are probably sitting on a couch putting hateful comments while you are out doing what you love.
A few years ago, I was self-conscious, if a person put a mean comment on social media I would think about it for weeks. I will question myself and think I was doing something wrong, I was thinking it was my fault. However, I realized in general that not everyone is going to like you or what you stand for and it is ok. Know that you are doing the right thing for you and that is all that matters. Just go out and have fun. You do not have to be the best in the room. Just have fun and dance from your heart. That is what matters most!

Amanda LaCount radiates positive energy and confidence. Despite her experience of being bullied. She uses her platform and love of dance to educate as well as inspire her followers. She is an advocate and is determined to eliminate bullying and body shaming. For information on her upcoming #breakingthestereotype dance tour and other projects please visit her social media sites.


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