Welcome to New York City. The city that never sleeps. It’s so nice that they named it twice (New York, New York). You must have heard all the renown clichés of the beloved Gotham. It’s truly a city with diverse culture and heritage. One of those heritages that’s gaining notoriety is Gant. The brand has certainly made its way to the streets of New York.

With origins from Connecticut, Gant was founded in 1949 ( originally called Gant of New Haven) by Bernard Gantmacher. Gantmacher’s vision was to not only create an alternative style of dress, but to establish a culture. With its vibrant colors and distinct fabric mesh, Gant’s brand stands out and continues to create an imprint in the fashion world (yes, bigger than the size of Texas).

Famous designer, Michael Bastian, is also part of Gant’s exclusive culture. His design and outlook on the brand’s look book is impeccable. The Micheal Bastian winter collection intertwines the world of prep and urban with a unique cordial flair. We give two thumbs up on the blazer and army fatigue concept. It’s certainly splashing and risky.

Gant’s exclusive flagship store is located in the heart of New York City. Its three level exploits their passion for the winter and the hint for the spring/summer of 2014 collection. Each floor is segmented by gender and there’s even an exceptional section for children (third floor).

So, if you are living in New York or just plain visiting, we encourage you to make an effort to discover the stylish world of Gant.


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