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Raphael Auad

Newspaper Distribution Is Not As Simple As It Seems, Distributor Raphael Auad Will Tell You Why In a recent story run by New York Times, they reported that printed news (dailies) totaled up to 70% of their annual revenue. Adding to that number, 23% of print readers were between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. Now, that is indeed good news for the newspape[...]

Dr. Michael Mazaheri

Why The M Lasik Center in Texas is a Unique Establishment in the Field of LASIK For years, across the state of Texas, patients with vision problems knew that the solution lay through correctional LASIK surgery, and then came Dr. Michael Mazaheri. When Dr. Mazaheri, an ophthalmologist himself with 20/400 vision, who decided to go through Lasik, he had alre[...]