Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi is Redefining Masculinity in the Age of Metrosexual Men In India, boys become men when they ride their first Royal Enfield motorcycle. A cult classic, the Royal Enfield has defined masculinity for generations of Indian men. So you can imagine, how much attention the male model sitting on top of the bike gets! For those of you who know the fac[...]

Hope and Chaos in Nello Petrucci’s The Essence of Lightness

It’s late October and New York has its first chill in the air. I’m walking around the World Trade Center and it takes more than a couple of minutes to find where I’m supposed to be: the unveiling of largest collage art installation in the world, Nello Petrucci’s The Essence of Lightness.  I’d researched Petrucci beforehand and knew his artwork to be gritty, [...]