Julia Revina

Originally from industrial city in Russia, Kursk, I came from the family of doctor and engineer. I started my dancing career at the age of three. My mother brought me to the school of arts, where I studied acting, singing, painting, English. I’ve tried different dance styles such as ballet, folk, ballroom. I put a lot of time and effort to succeeded, ha[...]

Joni Beauchesne

Joni Beauchesne, born in 1993, is a Native American-French model, actress, and spokesperson now living in Los Angeles. Joni (AKA Joni Lyn) was raised in a small town just outside of Boston. She grew up surrounded by the beauty industry with her mother, a celebrity stylist, on both the East and West Coast. Her mother, Julie Beauchesne, created Je Beau Interna[...]