Joni Beauchesne

Joni Beauchesne, born in 1993, is a Native American-French model, actress, and spokesperson now living in Los Angeles. Joni (AKA Joni Lyn) was raised in a small town just outside of Boston. She grew up surrounded by the beauty industry with her mother, a celebrity stylist, on both the East and West Coast. Her mother, Julie Beauchesne, created Je Beau Interna[...]

Valentina Beli

My name is Valentina Beli, originally I’m from the Republic of Belarus, but my nationality is mix of Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian. Now, I’m based in NYC, but I’m signed with agencies worldwide. I’m 5’10, skinny with Nordic features of face: strong cheekbones and white skin. The eye color is very difficult to catch. It depends from light and m[...]