Healthy Tips

Top 10 Fitness Points For That Beach Body

1. Cut Out The Junk When it comes to your diet, I would say to get on a program, however, most people stop listening when they hear the word "diet". So, no burgers, pizza, french fries, chips, and cookies. What you need is more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. 2. Stay Hydrated That means drink water; not juice, not soda and alcohol. Water! I foll[...]

Healthy Living: Eating Out

In this issue’s Healthy Living section I will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle even if your friends or family aren’t up for the challenge.  When I began to make efforts to change how I was eating, I realized for the first time how much of my social life revolved around food. With among my friends it was, “Hey guys let’s meet up after work for half[...]