Fortune Favors The Bold – The Story Of An Up And Coming Enterprise

Real estate development has always been a fairly noisy affair, pun intended. Over the years however, Tampa Bay, Florida has been quietly witnessing real estate development in the background, thanks to a little known entity called 17A Enterprises.

The company that describes itself as broadly involved with Real Estate Management, Entertainment Management and Capital Management (in the form of hedge funds) has its presence everywhere in the city of Tampa Bay. The company is known for purchasing relatively low-priced land parcels and developing them into commercial and real estate properties. Their extensive reach has now spilled over to the city of Sarasota and the city of Longboat Key. After garnering four multi-million dollar contracts in Southern Florida, Tanner Adams, who has recently been announced the President of 17A, is also helming the expansion of the company to Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2017, two things happened for 17A Enterprises. The company crossed $5 Million in managed capital in the form of their hedge fund, and the entertainment division began with the signing of country music singer Roman Alexander. With this, 17A plans to rapidly sign and grow the careers of many entertainers. At the rate they are going, great things are expected from 17A in the year 2018. Watch this space for more.