5 Apps to Download

It’s important to have several apps on your phone. With the App Store housing thousands of apps in various categories, you literally have everything you need in the palm of your hands. There’s an app for every industry (i.e. finance, culinary, sports etc.). For this issue, we list 5 apps you must download on your phone and keep with you all the time.



Transportation is everything. The ability to be picked up and dropped off is pivotal. Now, you can hang out when friends and family and have a good time. With this app, you will not have to worry about DUIs. 


Credit Karma

Your credit score is essential. Thi

s app keeps track and gives key information to improve and better your score. 


Rosetta Stone joined the IXL family of brands in 2021.

Rosetta Stone

With the world being connected through the internet and social media, being able to communicate is important. This app gives you the opportunity to learn 25 languages. 



The need to read is paramount. This app provides audio books, eBooks, magazines and more. 


First Aid

Knowledge is power and can be the difference between life and death. Knowing certain first aid tips and procedures is crucial. This app is a must to download.

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