Adela Guerra

If you are ever touring the city of Los Angeles, you’re bound to see Adela Guerra taking inspirational images for her business and social media platforms. The beautiful published model turned entrepreneur has been inspiring others for over a decade. Originally from South America, Adela went to Business School and worked at the Venezuelan Electrical Company. She now runs Haute Spark, a digital publication she founded that is dedicated to those with a passion for style, beauty, wellness and travel where she also shares stories about influential creators that have sparked an inspirational movement by pursuing their dreams and passions. She has participated in numerous TV networks including NBC, Nickelodeon, Univision and Globo TV Brazil, independent films, supported the launch of a clothing company in Istanbul, Turkey and hosted a traveling TV show from Tokyo, Japan. She has also interviewed multiple celebrities including Emilio Estefan, Andy Garcia, Cesar Millan, among others.

We sat down with the beautiful Venezuelan to discuss her career and future projects:

AF: How has your summer been under this country COVID19 pandemic? 

AG: It’s been a summer like no other. I’ve been more focused on self care activities like yoga and meditation and spending quality time with my best friends and family. 

AF: How did you get into the modeling industry? 

AG: When I was in high school my best friend suggested that I should become a model. I told him that was crazy! Back then I wouldn’t even wear a dress! After taking modeling classes for a year I started auditioning and booking print jobs mostly.  

AF: What were some of the hurdles you had to negotiate to be successful? 

AG: I’d say spending time with my loved ones. I left my home country in my early twenties to pursue my career in the US. My biggest obstacle was not having any friends or family members in a new country. Starting from zero with no emotional support at home was one of my biggest challenges.

AF: What is Haute Spark? What motivate you to create this brand? 

AG: Haute Spark is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the girl boss who wants to feel beautiful inside and out and is not afraid to ask for what she wants. After getting my Business degree I helped multiple fashion labels and lifestyle brands to grow organically. One day I decided to just create my own and be my own boss. I haven’t stopped since then.

AF: What beauty tip(s) can you give our audience? 

AG: True glow starts from within. That’s why I always tell my audience the importance of taking good care of your mind and body first. Once we feed our bodies with proper nutrition, meditation and spending time with people we truly love, we will start glowing from within.  

AF: What advice would you give a young Latina woman who’s trying to pursue a modeling career? 

AGI will tell her to find her why. Sometimes we pursue things without knowing our purpose. I feel that once you know your why and purpose you will get the clarity you need to pursue your goals relentlessly.  

AF: What’s next for you and your career? 

AG: I plan to continue to bring joy and inspiration to my audience specially during these times. Also creating collaborations with lifestyle brands that share my values, mission and vision. 

You can follow her journey via Haute Spark or Instagram
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