Because of my name, I often hear the question, “Were you born in Alaska?” It’s a fair assumption, but I’d like to start by introducing myself as Alaska Mauve, a model and overall creative person from Washington State. I was born near Seattle, raised near Spokane, and then moved back to Seattle after college to better pursue modeling and fashion business opportunities. However, I’m not too far removed from the state of Alaska. For the past three summers, I’ve worked in Sand Point, Alaska as a commercial salmon fisherman alongside my dad. Ironically, earning a summer income as a fisherman has helped me chase after my true passion during the rest of the year- modeling.
As a young girl, I had a natural talent for drawing, so I would spend my days drawing pictures of fashion ideas. When I was a teenager, I became obsessed with vintage fashion and Tokyo street style. Despite living in the countryside of Spokane where most people wore typical mall brands, my eyes were drawn to the intense outfits of avant-garde runways. I often scoured thrift stores for the most interesting, weird garments and jewelry I could afford. I dreamed of modeling and putting together fashion editorials like the ones I saw in Vogue or on America’s Next Top Model. One day, a friend of mine took fashion themed photos of me just for fun and I posted them on Within just a week, numerous photographers reached out to me to collaborate on photo shoots. In just a few months, I booked my first modeling job with a clothing company called Meesh & Mia. Even though I wasn’t the tallest girl, photographers told me that they liked working with me because I had creative ideas and unique outfits. Throughout college (where I studied international business), I grew experienced with modeling by booking artistic work, paid work, and even doing photo shoots when I studied abroad in Tokyo.
About two years after I started modeling, I decided to try cosplaying (costume playing) as characters from my favorite TV shows. Putting together costumes felt natural to me since I was already an expert at thrifting and scavenging for the most interesting clothing pieces I could find. When I attended Seattle Comic Con while dressed as Daenerys from Game of Thrones, I fell in love with cosplaying because the experience felt like I was constantly modeling but with even more excitement and nerdy fun.
Nowadays, I do a multitude of different modeling styles, including fashion, commercial, lingerie, cosplay, and product modeling. One of my main clients is a gun parts retailer called Weapon Outfitters near the Seattle Area. Being a fashionable country girl, modeling and shooting guns came naturally to me. While being in front of the camera and creating incredible images is most of the fun, I also adore the followers I’ve received on social media. I take time every day to answer messages, reply to comments, and even send signed prints to followers of mine from all over the world. Although I’m so proud of what I’ve already achieved as a model, I’m definitely not done hustling. Even though I started out as a fashion model, one of my dreams is to pose for a major men’s entertainment magazine. Since my passions include hiking, commercial fishing, and shooting guns, I feel like I truly connect with my male fans on more than just a superficial level. I’m incredibly thankful that I have followers and clients who can appreciate all of the content I create, whether I’m posting about my fishing work in Alaska or high fashion photo shoots done in the studios of Seattle.

Photo Credit
The Marie Antoinette themed photo is by Warren Stowell
The fashion dress photo is by Eric Barro
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