We had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Lubarsky, CEO Health Media Group and founder of the NAVEL expo (Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Life). Alex will be hosting his 30th NAVEL expo, a two-day event on Saturday, November 4, 2017, at the Sheraton Times Square located at 811 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019 and Sunday, November 5 at the Huntington Hilton located at 598 Broadhollow Rd, Melville, NY 11747 from 9:00am-7:00pm.

Alex prides himself on his health and knowledge of the industry. He is a leader by nature and is doing what is right night only for himself and his family, but for everybody who is interested in leading a healthier life. I’ve learned more through this interview with Alex and excited to share this remarkable information.

IR: What makes the NAVEL expo event a must attend event?
AL: This event permits a glimpse at the matrix of our current system of ‘indefinite disease management care’ and is the ‘red pill’ for those who are looking to get the most out of their life by creating structures for optimal well-being at its very peak level of expression. To that end, we bring together top integrative physicians and bestselling authors, cutting edge technology and innovative products all focused on the science of human optimization. Over these two days, the thousands of people who attend are reminded that the most powerful, buoyant and beautiful creation on this planet is the human being. YOU!

IR: There are many health and wellness events around the nation and the world. What differentiates the NAVEL expo conference from other health and wellness events?
AL: Sunshine is as well available all around the world and no doubt is good for you. But the NAVEL expo is not only interested in health or wellness, not even prevention, which is excellent. Like a magnifying glass focusing the sun’s rays into one spot, this expo has fixated its attention on how do we get the human body to function at its very best by creating the structures to make sure it has everything it needs to operate like a fine-tuned machine making it virtually impervious to many of today’s lifestyle diseases. There is really not anything else like it in the world. But maybe I’m partial!

IR: What exactly is human optimization?
AL: The human body is a remarkable bio-mechanical miracle. As far as I’m concerned, it is the most beautiful engineering marvel on the planet and can operate, according to many experts, virtually maintenance free for at least 125 years. But to do so, it needs a few things such as minerals, vitamins, and hormones in their proper balance. But how do we know the levels of those 90 essential nutrients we need to get the most energy, highest cognitive function, restful sleep, youthful skin and a slim waist? We have no idea. The majority of people are depleted in many and are dealing with the symptoms of that depletion. Human optimization then first removes anything that may prevent the body from precision function (like inflammation, heavy-metals and candida) and then provides it with everything it needs to make sure its firing on all cylinders.
One of the companies we work with has created a computer program that is able to correlate all the available information on what it takes the human body to function optimally with a person’s blood-work. A thorough report is then forwarded to a compounding pharmacy and a complete 90-day supply of nutraceuticals and bio-identical hormones is created providing everything this person needs for optimal function at its peak level of health expression.

IR: What is the key to aging gracefully in a natural way?
AL: My wife and I spent a day in Carmel by the Sea, a beautiful town in California where they had an antique car show. Some of the cars there were almost 100 years old, which is a lot for a car. They were just beautiful and looked as if they just came off the assembly line. I think the least expensive car I saw was a 1.5m Ferrari. Clearly, the owners understood the value of these machines to make the investment of time and money to give them everything they needed to not only look great, but to function like they were designed. As with us, we have to be clear that as a one of a kind model with a trillion moving parts, we are priceless and worth whatever investment is necessary to make sure our machine has everything it needs. Starting with organic veggies, grass-fed beef, wild fish, proper rest along with an expert in human optimization who can help us circumnavigate all the popular disease models and make sure we are fine-tuned like the exotic creation we are.

IR: As an author of “The Art of Selling the Art of Healing” what do you think are the key issues to promoting alternatives to traditional medicine?
AL: Selling integrative medicine and human optimization is tricky. It is intangible and people don’t really get it until they feel it. But it takes some time and usually a significant investment before anything happens. Not so when you see a nice pair of Jimmy Choo’s. So, we’ve found that positioning our doctors as experts and allowing them to educate the public about their philosophy and approach to innovative medicine creates the best results. When people feel the sincerity, knowledge and hear an approach that makes sense to them, eventually they respond. With doctors, it’s the same thing. Many don’t understand the concept of investing time and money for a year or two before marketing bares fruit and it’s our job to try to explain geometric progression and how it works in building your public presence.

IR: Why is there so much confusion when it comes to health especially when it pertains to food? One day meat is good for you, the next day it’s bad.
AL: There is a lot less confusion from where I sit because of the source of my information. Is cereal good for breakfast and are eggs bad? Well, that depends on who you listen to and what is the motivation behind the assertion. Actually, I think things are fairly simple when you tap the right news source, one that you can trust and that has evidence to back up what they’re saying. The people I work with through the NAVEL expo are the embodiment of optimal-wellbeing, fitness and ageless living. They feel good, look great and are doing amazing things with their life so they are who I listen to. But perhaps, an easier way to explain this to most people is to think of how our ancestors lived and ate. They walked a lot, lifted heavy things and sprinted to either catch dinner or avoid becoming it. They ate mostly nuts and berries and sometimes meat. They fasted when there was no food and slept when it became dark. So, do that as much as you can and have wine on special occasions.


IR: What do you see as the next industry and business segments to benefit from more natural food and health options?
The group of people who I love introducing to the idea of human optimization are CEO’s and entrepreneurs. They are the people dealing with the most stress as they build their businesses and neglect their wellbeing. So many are not functioning at their peak level of health expression. That was one of the big things I experienced when I put myself in the hands of a doctor specializing in precision medicine. As she helped me become optimized, my cognitive function improved, as well as my energy levels. My creativity came flooding back and my emotions got rebooted so I wasn’t so hypersensitive. That allowed me to become much more effective and expand my business significantly in just a few months. Once more business leaders experience the power of this approach, I think it will trickle down to the rest of their organization and the benefits will be across the board.

IR: What has been a key factor(s) for people to alter and change their behaviour in order to lead more of a healthy lifestyle?
AL: Sadly, it’s usually some kind of a life-threatening disease. I’ve known many people who were the worst kind of self-abuser and scoffed at the veggies on my plate, that were later diagnosed with cancer or heart disease and all of a sudden, they’re Deepak Chopra. It’s sad that that is what it will take for most people. But the thing is, we will all be affected by cancer or heart disease. The way things are going, one out of two people will be diagnosed by the year 2030. So, don’t be shocked if you’re not doing anything about the proverbial weeds, they will always show up.

IR: Currently, it seems that choosing organic and natural options are costly? How is the industry making health and wellness more affordable for all people?
AL: I think the thing to keep in mind is that the new cancer drugs cost $10,000 per month and the cost of treatment even with health insurance is astronomical. Sure, the organic strawberries cost a dollar more, but the conventional option is sprayed with carcinogenic pesticides to the tune of 1,100x the average fruit or vegetable. Of course, the industry can do a better job in making healthier produce more affordable, but how is that possible when the organic industry has to jump through some very expensive hoops to be certified and yet, the conventional does not even have to spend a penny on a label telling that your tomato has been genetically modified.

IR: Who do you think the biggest industry influencer is today in promoting positive body image in the health and wellness space?
AL: Suzanne Somers. This amazing lady who overcame cancer, is a force of nature when it comes to being a living example of ageless living, as well as educating so many millions through her books and programs. Moreover, Dr. Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman are both terrific and undisputed leaders in this field.

IR: Do you think the schools are doing enough to promote healthy meals and do you think the youth is being educated properly when it comes to health and fitness?
AL: The schools and more accurately the teachers are trying, but the system is inherently not set up to take nutrition seriously. I mean these are the same people who consider pizza a vegetable! If you look at the kids near a local high school in my town, it almost makes you want to cry. So many of them are overweight or obese and I imagine are dealing with chronic health conditions because of that. It’s beyond my scope, but let’s just say there is room for improvement.

IR: What advice do you think has been most valuable in growing your business?
AL: Delegate. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Find people who can do different aspects of your business better than you can, trust them to do it well and then reward them as generously as you are able to.

IR: What do you do to relax when you are not running a health and wellness media empire?
AL: Family time is the best. We have a tremendous network of friends who are so much fun. I like dancing, traveling to exotic places, interesting people, tropical beaches, a hot Epson salt bath, massages and exercising. Fortunately, I love my work, sometimes even under pressure, I find it relaxing. Go figure!

IR: What would you tell your 8-year old self?
Be cool kid. You are destined to do great things!

IR: Thank you so much Alex for the amazing opportunity to share your knowledge with our readers.

AL: My pleasure and thank you for this wonderful interview.

To attend the NAVEL expo, please visit: http://www.navelexpo.com