Originally  from the Ukraine, Alexandria moved to Miami at the age of 22 to pursue her music and modeling career. “When I came to Miami for the first time I was amazed by the beautiful city and the international environment”, she said.
She began to work at regular job as a stylist and later  as a dancer at one of the biggest night clubs in Miami – Club 11.
“Dancing and modeling has always been two of my biggest hobbies and I decided to focus fully on my dream seens I moved to Miami”, she said. Now, Alexandria is focusing on her music career with her debut single releasing laster this year. There’s much anticipation for her new single, but Alexandria is just enjoying the journey.  “So now I really enjoy dancing and making my own music in the studio,” she said. “I think everyone should make things that truly makes them happy or at least try”.
Credit: Photography by Enigmatt
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