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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo is a household name in Italian sportscar manufacturing. Passion, style, and pedigree have always been their go-to motifs. Truly, they’ve got a very special place in the motoring world.

The 2022 Giulia Quadrifoglio is the first Alfa we’ve covered, and for very good reason. It has class, beautiful aesthetics, a brilliant sound palette, and the world-famous Italian sports car handling that have kept Alfas in a class of their own for years.

Right out of the gate, it’s worth noting that the new Alfa boasts a sleek and aggressive front bumper. Accented by a massive diffuser, and Italian-styled exhaust tips, the car exemplifies what passionate auto design is all about. Carbon fiber hood and roof accents further the statement Quadrifoglio tries to make.

The differential features torque-vectoring capabilities, and pairs well with the twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6, which draws inspiration from Ferrari. The car uses performance Pirelli tires, which come with a low treadwear rating (60), allowing for eyeball-popping grip.

The car has 505 horsepower at the ready, putting it a step or two ahead of a few of its competitors, namely the BMW M3. 0-60 times aren’t bad at all, with the average reported time being just 3.6 seconds. That makes Alfa’s 2022 car quite a sprinter.

Similarly impressive is the car’s quarter mile time, which is just 11.9 seconds. Nothing in class beats these times, so the Quadrifoglio technically checks the most boxes if you’re a speed freak.

The performance tires work with the highly capable brake rotors to allow the Alfa to stop on a dime. Coupled with the car’s handling ability, these qualities make it a monster in the corners.

As for the interior, it looks like Alfa have borrowed design inspiration from the semi-executive suite of vehicles currently dominating the market. Everything looks a little more conservative and professional than what we’re used to seeing in Alfas, but it’s still an impressive interior.

There’s plenty of headroom and the domed roof allows for a spacious-feeling environment.

The controls are easily accessible, whether you’re the driver or passenger. The steering wheel and shift paddles are thin, but have presence and are actually large in size. This illusion is the product of Alfa’s desire to retain some element of unconventional design in their cars, as they always have.

The suspension is impressive, too. In fact, the marriage between the car’s suspension, throttle, and shifting capabilities is truly something purists and newcomers to the brand will love. The balance is what makes this year’s Quadrifoglio best in class in nearly every appreciable category.

Each of the four driving modes do what they’re supposed to do without simply limiting the car from full-bore, each impacting the overall ride quality and performance in a unique way.

Throttle response is similarly impressive, which is expected from a car that can sprint to 60mph in around three seconds. Still, its aggressive and spirited driving profile don’t hinder performance at all. The car rides as if it’s on a smooth back road no matter where it is.

Considering the car starts at $73,595, and provides drivers with the full range of options for about $8k more, the new Alfa boasts serious value for money.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the brand or a newcomer, the new Quadrifoglio is worth a look based solely on its performance so far. It outstrips everything else in class, and given the pedigree of its maker, there are exciting, passionate design motifs throughout the car that’ll turn heads on looks, too.

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