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Get Back to Basics with Alkaline Foods

We all know that the foods we eat affect our weight and mood, but now it is time to consider how the foods we eat affect our body’s pH. Don’t worry, I won’t drag you back to high school biology, but it is important to understand that when your pH balance is off, the effects are numerous. 

The foods that comprise many seemingly healthy diets leave behind high levels of acid after your body processes them. The effects of the body’s now acidic pH can be the reason behind excessive fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, poor digestion, and impaired immune function. Foods that lead to a more basic pH, or alkaline pH, can preserve bone health, help lower inflammation caused by arthritis, support immune function, and be a game-changer when it comes to weight loss. 

So if your diet plus a consistent exercise regime isn’t helping you shed the pounds try out some of the alkaline foods below while avoiding the acidic food I have listed for you.

Alakaline Foods:

Green tea + Fruit juice + Rye bread + Cream cheese + Fish oil + Sesame seed oil + Avocado + Watermelon + Soy nuts + Figs + Almond milk + Stevia

Acidic Foods:

Beer + Coffee + Black tea + Cheese + Butter + Corn oil + Mandarin orange + Wheat + Beef + Canned tuna + Artificial sweeteners + Pickled vegetables

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