With the world becoming more digital and steps closer to the internet of things, tablets and kindles are the new age of book reading. Gone are the days where you visit your local library, show your library card and spend hours upon hours reading books. Those hours of reading and books have been replaced by internal hard drives in your kindle and audio books. Twenty to thirty years ago, this would have been a phenomenon. Today, it’s an everyday necessity.
The latest version of Amazon Kindle eBook makes your reading experience better. Equipped with 6″ touch screen, the lightweight (6.7 oz) is sleek and its size is made to fit anywhere (i.e. purse, messenger bag etc).
The Amazon Kindle eBook storages space allows you to store up thousands of books digitally, making it a walking library at your finger tips. These books can be downloaded from Amazon.com which has a library of millions of books.
Competitively priced, the Amazon Kindle eBook can be purchased at prices ranging from $79.99, $119.99 to $199.99. Those are good prices to have when you are able to boast that you just came from Barnes & Nobles without leaving your house.
Times have change and we live in a world that’s predicated around the instant sensation of having access to things right now. Something as timeless and historic as reading has been made simpler.
Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba—AFP/Getty Images