International model Andy O has been sought after when he was featured for Jaguar. The London based model is still gaining momentum in the model industry as he continues to build on his career. He sat down with Industry Rules regarding his modeling career and the industry that he loves best.

AF: How long have you been modeling?
AO: I have been modeling since 2007 concurrently with my university studies.

AF: What’s your favorite candy?
AO: In Hungary, we have a special dessert type of candy/chocolate called Turo Rudi. It is chocolate outside and sweet cream cheese inside with occasional strawberry/peach jam fillings.

AF: What’s the best fall experience you ever had?

AO: 2010 modeling all across China from Beijing.

AF: What are your ambition?
AO: Creating something permanent that adds value in entertainment, marketing related industries.

AF: What’s your favorite movie?
AO: It’s a strong competition between The Gladiator and Lords of Dogtown.

AF: What was your favorite project?
AO: Working for the car brand Jaguar 2 times in different cities. Great staff and good working environment.

AF: Gucci or Prada?
AO: The Devil wears Prada.

AF: How was the feeling working the runway for Versace?
AO: It was intense and as a couple of job we prepared well for it.

AF: Any acting skills?
AO: Yes, took some acting classes while studied at USC in LA, but that’s about it. It’s a dream still to be on the silver screen.

AF: How is London in the fall?
AO: Cold, grey and windy as always.

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