Armand Peri

When we first learned of Armand Peri’s story, we were simply amazed. A self-starting business professional with a willingness to help others is a story worth telling and something that we covet here at Industry Rules. His relentless dedication to being successful in any industry makes him exceptional. His business acumen stretches across public relations, investment, marketing and much more.  When you talk to him, it seems that he has handle on almost every industry you can imagine. So, it’s to no surprise that he’s also into fitness. Being a well accomplished bodybuilder, Armand spent years building is physique. Those hours upon hours at the gym and redefining his body, Armand knows a thing or two about staying in shape and 

As we focus on this fitness for this issue, he sat down with Industry Rules to go over some of the steps that keeps him fit.

AF: How were you able to stay fit during the world’s pandemic?

AP: I am lucky enough to have my own home gym, so I was training on a regular basis during the pandemic!

AF: How did you get involved with fitness? What were your influences or motivations? 

AP: I decided to become a bodybuilder when I was a scrawny teenager wanting to improve my physical appearance; I began weight training at the age of 17 years old. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a mentor of mine in the sport of bodybuilding, business and personal development.

AF: How do you start your fitness regimen? 

AP: I start my fitness regimen by eating low-fat, wholesome foods, I would say eating right is 80% of your results in the gym! I stick to a strict combination of proper exercises, adherence to exercise form and utmost attention to a clean diet.

While 80 percent may or may not be the exact percentage that nutrition impacts your training, there is no denying it: you cannot separate nutrition and training!

AF: What muscle group do you work on the most? Why? 

AP: I try not to overwork one muscle more than another! Bodybuilding is about balance, definition, symmetry and esthetics.

AF: Can you give our audience some simple steps to build endurance? 

AP: You build endurance by doing aerobic exercises, aerobic means “with oxygen” and during aerobic exercise, the body uses oxygen to help supply the energy needed for exercise. The objective of endurance training is to develop the energy production systems to meet the demands of activity for as long as they are required. I find the best way to achieve that is by using an elliptical machine, Stair-master or stationary bike.

AF: What advice would you give to a person who’s starting to work out for the first time?

AP: The advice I would give to someone just starting out is to go slow in the beginning but stay consistent!

AF: What’s your favorite post workout shake?

AP: My own homemade egg white post workout shake!

You can follow Armand’s journey via his Instagram.

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