Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear. Last month Melania Trump left New York City to visit parts of Texas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey in a war zone chic outfit that was a fashion disaster. As varied as individual fashion tastes are, it is difficult to define a standard, but whether good fashion or bad, as United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about hard-core pornography, “you know it when you see it”.  A hodgepodge of high-end designer separates, matched with a pair of stilettos, didn’t pass the look test for good post-Hurricane Harvey fashion. Melania’s problem is she turned to 5th Avenue for her outfit, and made a “fashion question”, instead of being inspired by street wear like the clothing offered by ARTISTIX.

ARTISTIX is a new fashion house founded by artist Greg Polisseni. Greg has found passion in his artwork since childhood by creating original paintings, which serve as the inspiration for his fashionlines. ARTISTIX has become a way for him to express his art, design, and creativity not only on a canvas but on clothing as well.  ARTISTIX’s clothing is fun, edgy and stylish. The men’s and women’s collections create a high-end casual vibe flawlessly and effortlessly. Andy Hilfiger is the brand’s Fashion Director and could have slipped Melania one of ARTISTIX’s army-inspired jumpsuits for the Hurricane Harvey tour – his company’s offices are in Trump Tower.

ARTISTIX’s brand of contemporary and progressive street wear no longer seeks to create the hipster illusion of fashion apathy, or neglect. Indeed, ARTISTIX has adopted the care and lifestyle messaging of the original street wear creators, and now does what good fashion is supposed to do: define the moment, enhance the memories, and prepare you for anything.