Autumn Marie is a 19-year-old model based out of Los Angeles, California. Previously agency signed, Autumn began acting and modeling as a little girl. The young model has worked on various films, commercials, and PSAs for organizations such as PowerPlay. Her most notable work has been with large names such as Demi Lovato and VEVO,  along with shooting for Mary Kay’s fall makeup collection.
From the big city of Los Angeles to the small town of Waco Texas, where she continues her studies pursuing a degree in nursing from the distinguished Baylor University, Autumn still manages to travel throughout Texas and Los Angeles booking shoots as a freelance model.
Despite her petite size, standing at only 5’4″, Autumn continues to network and work with numerous established photographers on various projects, expanding her diverse portfolio all across the board, from print, to commercial, to beauty.
Photo Credits:
Photographer – Stevie D. 
Makeup – Moni Pradier
Assistant – Taharqa Willie Blue
Hair – Nicole (Nicole’s Fancy)
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