Author Ayana Ellis believes now more than ever, women need positive reinforcement.  Ellis has dedicated her life to helping women realize their own self-worth through her published novels, self-help guides and speaking engagements. Her latest book The Book of Yaya 12:77, published by Purpose Publishing is a timely release as the #Metoo Movement steamrolls into 2018.

The book is a pocket guide that includes words of wisdom and affirmations for each of the 365 days of the calendar year.  The verses, either authored by Ellis or quoting others, are designed to inspire female readers with a goal of improving self worth and navigating the physiological and human barriers that can keep a modern woman down in today’s society.

The guide provides passages that are valuable for men as well as women. Day 179 encourages readers to, “Catch up on all the sleep that you believe you need. But it will do you no good if it’s your soul that is tired.”  Day 365 is a quote from Mexican artist Frida Kahlo: “You deserve the best, the very best, because you are one of the few people in this lousy world who are honest to themselves, and that is the only thing that really counts.”

Ellis’ own words of wisdom comprise most of the guide and her tone ranges from humorous to stern.  Day 312, “They couldn’t play you so they betrayed you”. Or Day 305, “Help someone and don’t tell anybody.” Day 8  “So be more selective with what you put into your mind, body, and soul. Music filled with emotions and disrespect, food filled with byproducts, social media filled with negativity, TV filled with nonsense, all of that will begin to eat away at your soul.”

Ellis strongly believes that she can help heal others through words, so as you embark on 2018, arm yourself with the knowledge and wisdom contained in the The Book of Yaya 12:77.  You can purchase the book at

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