It all started in kindergarten during a flag football game. One play, one move and 2 hrs later we are on Overtimes Instagram. Everybody has seen a kindergarten kid pull a Dodge Ram truck right? Madden San Miguel AKA Baby Gronk broke the Internet when he did it. Companies like Overtime Whistlesports took notice. Soon, BABY GRONK’s fame started to grow drastically. Music recording artist Boosie came across his highlights on YouTube. A video was posted on YouTube saying “ FIND BABY GRONK “ FIND HIS PEOPLE HE 1st UP”. They found him and actually signed Baby Gronk as a celebrity.

Baby Gronk is now verified on Instagram with 144k followers. He just broke the internet again on Maxpreps. The 7 yr old internet sensation verbally commits to the University of Oregon. 

AF: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic?

BG: I’ve been good and staying healthy. [I’m continued to stay] masked up.

AF: How did you get the name Baby Gronk?

BG: I was bigger than all the kids in my grade. That, and instead of sitting in a small kids chair, they gave me my own adult chair. From there, I took on the name.

AF: How did you get into sports? 

BG: My dad played sports and my mom was a cheerleader. It’s genetics!

AF: What are some of things you’ve learned while being a young athlete?

BG: If you stop working out, the other kids will catch up to you.

AF: Who are some of your role models?

BG: [Some of the NFL’s best running backs in] Ezekiel Elliot , Leonard Fournette, Joe Mixion , Dalvin Cook and Justin Flowe.

AF: You are signed to Boosie’s management company. How has that process been?

BG: Boosie been a great boss and I know we got a lot more to come. [Also], my manager Walik Gibson gets a lot done for me. 

AF: What’s next for you in your career?

BG: Greatness!!! Netflix, Disney and 3rd grade. 

Video by J&D Productions.

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