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Back to School Under COVID-19

As of May 2021, one third of the entire worlds school children are unable to access learning centers after COVID-19 impacted their schools. During the height of the virus, over one billion children were affected by school closures. Social interactions cannot be duplicated on social media or the internet. It’s important for kids to be around kids, to help shape their personalities and methods of engagement.  Let’s talk about the reasons it’s important for the kids to return to schools: 

Closing schools, may or may not, cause more damage to kids than COVID-19. Their is no reports In America of children passing COVID-19 to other children. Social and educational aspects are lost, because children are staying at home, missing out on, interacting with future members of society . Keep in mind, In low income housing, young black children are unable to complete schoolwork at home because they don’t have a computer or internet connection.  Students with disabilities need  individual education programs, that require a presence in a special classroom. These are some of the area of concern that have to be put on the table for less unfortunate kids. 

What about the risks a parent is making, by sending their kids back to school during COVID-19. A parent’s nightmare, would be a situation of an outbreak occurring in a school, and the children are put on lockdown, and the parents won’t be able to get in touch with their kids, that’s always a possibility. Homeschooling your children has tremendous upside, because it always you to control the good bad and ugly information being presented to your child. You control the narrative on how high of a level you want your children to be educated on. All the parent has to do is set up a structured schedule, and routine for the kids to follow daily. By embracing the new normal, kids will adjust to whatever is given to them. As parents, we have to decide the best, and highest quality options for our children.

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