Barret Masso created products for individuals like him; daring with adventures and rarely sticking to a single address. He is a fan of discovering far, eccentric destinations at the last minute, staying at his residences for a maximum of a few months, therefore understanding the importance of traveling with light luggage. Constantly migrating and keeping his needs as a minimalist in mind, he created his brand, Barret Masso, in hopes of creating convenient luggage for travelers. 

An eager traveler and businessman, Masso’s felt the itch to migrate each time he found a new location. He is always seeking a new place, alongside a fresh tannery. Masso’s brand offers various selections of luggage, including duffle bags, laptop sleeves, toiletry bags, passport/cardholders, and a collective travel set. The site’s featured bag of the month is the python duffle bag. 

The products are hand-made in Leon, Mexico, where Masso’s factory is located. The brand creator prioritizes the quality of his products as opposed to the number of distributors. He intended for his bag to be a “one bag fits all” approach, effective for any occasion. The bag has to be handcrafted using only the highest quality materials, using original tannery leather from around the world. Each bag is produced using high-quality products. 

Seeking out the material for him, visiting the leather factories. Each prospect material he finds from local suppliers is transformed into a limited edition, amounting to between 5 and 10 produced bags, ensuring an equal width for all parts of the bag.

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