Maintaining our health is one of the most important things in our life. However, it can be one of the most inconvenient things to do. We all have been there, having to call out of work or use sick day, just for a simple checkup. The worst part is when you have to wait in the waiting room for hours just to see the doctor.

What if all of that can change and instead of you being inconvenienced, the doctor comes to you and works around your schedule? Sounds AMAZING right? I thought so. I know what you are thinking, that type of service is only for the wealthy, right? What if I told you now that service is offered to us common folk too! I bet most of you are thinking where you can sign up.

Well, Baseline Health is offering a very convenient service online, where scheduling an appointment with your doctor is just at your fingertips. I’m sure a lot more of you will be scheduling more doctor’s appointments, right? Ha! This service is not only easy to schedule an appointment but the doctor comes to you. No more waiting in the waiting room for hours and/or calling out of work.

Industry Rules Magazine was so intrigued about this service that we took the time to sit down and find out more about this service and this is what they had to say;

DL: Have you noticed a benefit for more workplaces since you started providing this service?

BH: The clinical team is raising awareness for people who typically do not go to the doctor. They have documented life-saving interventions by detecting early signs of treatable health related issues such as prostate cancer and blocked arteries.

DL: Are there any limitations to the services provided in the workplace?

BH: none there are any limitations to what the doctors and clinical team can perform on the Medical Command Vehicle.

DL: What are some of the responses you receive from your patients? Workplaces?

BH: The feedback has been incredible. Responses we’ve received include; “I can’t believe a top doctor from Columbia University Medical Center or Mt. Sinai came to my job to see me”, “it was refreshing to be seen exactly at my appointment time.”, and “getting the results instantly from my diagnostic test from the doctor was the best”.

DL: As the nurse or doctor providing the service, what are the pros and cons to servicing outside a consistent exam room?

BH: Instead of traveling to a doctor’s office and waiting in a traditional, overcrowded waiting room, which could take hours, the doctors are coming right to the patient and meeting them on their terms at their workplace. The Baseline Experience alleviates the stress of having to plan an entire day around a doctor’s visit, which is the number 1 reason why people do not go to the doctor.

That being said Baseline also has offices in the New York City and Long Island areas where the doctors see patients for follow up examinations.

DL: When creating the website and/or portal, what was the experience you wanted visitors to have?

BH: Baseline Health is all about convenience and we wanted our website to reflect that. We wanted to make sure it is easy to navigate through and even easier to schedule an appointment.

DL: How does the company maintain the amount of traffic to the site? 

BH: Website answer: Baseline is continuously building relationships and personal connections with patients. As a result we are constantly asking them for feedback on our web site and how we can make it even better.  We track daily use and follow up with any visitor that has any questions or concerns.

Jobsite answer: The Baseline Physical is scheduled in a manner that ensures no wait time. Due to the professionalism and fluidity of the process there is never an overflow of patients waiting, the way you normally witness in a prototypical doctor’s office.

If you want to find out more information about Baseline Health, please check out their website at