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Top Ten Bearded Athlete

Who has the best beard in sports?  While the answer to that question probably depends on the person, there are a quite a few interesting candidates Some have had their beards since the beginning, while others have grown into them. Either way, they are worth acknowledging .That’s why we invite you to join Industry Rules Magazine as we count down our picks for the top-ten beards in sports!

#10 Dale Earnhardt Jr former NASCAR driver and NBC Commentator

You don’t win NASCAR’s most popular driver award and sexiest driver of the year several times without being a heartthrob. Dale Earnhardt Jr was that heartthrob in the early 2000s and it had to do with his beard. It just filled out his face perfectly and made him look as rugged as his dad did. 

 Earnhardt Jr would end up growing out his beard to the point where it took up most of his face. Like a fine wine, however, his beard aged nicely.  It gave him an edge to his character and made Jr very personable. 

#9 Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys running back

 You might not be a Dallas Cowboys fan, but you have to admire Ezekiel Elliott’s lion-like mane. The guy literally rocks one of the longest beards in the NFL and looks like a champ doing it. The beard makes him look like a grizzled veteran, even if he is only a few years into his NFL career. He literally looks like a beast when he grows it out and backs that up perfectly with his on-field performance.

 Speaking of the man’s on-field performance, he sits with a career total of 7829 yards, 60 touchdowns, 294 receptions for 2276 yards, and 12 touchdowns in the air. He is arguably one of the high points of the Dallas Cowboys in 2022 and his beard makes him look good doing it. Will it help lead him to a championship though?

#8 Dallas Keuchel former Houston Astros Pitcher

The best kind of beards is the ones that take on a life of their own. That’s the case with former Houston Astros pitcher, Dallas Keuchel, whose beard inspired fans to show up in the stands with replica beards of their own.  It even became a selling point for The Houston Astros bull pin, which is another huge accomplishment. 

#7 Bryan Danielson AEW Superstar

Bryan Danielson is an absolute goat! The former WWE Champion even had a lion’s mane-type beard throughout parts of his career. It gave him an everyman look that only contributed to his underdog character. Between that and his explosive move set, Bryan deserves the distinction of goat.

Bryan has always looked like an absolute warrior in the ring with that beard. It just fit him perfectly and helped him come across as more likable.  As his character grew in WWE, so did his beard and it added a unique intensity to him.. It certainly shaped his persona quite a bit.

 #6 Ryan Fitzpatrick former NFL Quarterback

 Ryan Fitzpatrick was a special Quarterback. Not only was that evident by his journeymen-like career, but also by his outlandish fashion statements.  One of his biggest statements was walking into a press conference after a good game in a wild get-up. The outfit came complete with Aviator glasses, tight pants, a sporty jacket, and his signature beard, which just completed the ensemble.

 ESPN and the rest of the news media were calling this guy Fitzmagic at one point and while it didn’t last long, it was a cool sports moment! People were gushing over the former Buccaneer, and that was for two reasons. The first was that many fans thought he deserved the starting spot that year. As for the second, his facial hair and style were just impeccable. It was Fitzmagic indeed.

 #5 Brock Lesnar Former UFC Champion and WWE Superstar

Brock Lesnar has been known for many things throughout his career, but one of them is his beard. It’s an interesting shade of blond and makes him look more animal than a man. Lesnar has now even grown it out again and looks like a very scary biker/cowboy. They don’t call him the beast incarnate for anything.

And think about the hardware that beard won over the years. Lesnar was a former UFC Champion, a multiple-time WWE Champion, a Universal Champion, and main event in several events. The beard has always just added to Lesnar’s look in the most perfect way. Furthermore, it reflected his farm boy culture and put him in a light that really resonated. It also looked intimidating too, but that was only if you were his opponent.

#4 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Quarterback

There was just no way to do this list without adding Aaron Rogers to it. While Rogers wasn’t always known for his beard, that has changed in recent years. In fact, a meme went viral of The Super Bowl-winning Quarterback on the ground with a shocked expression on his face. Add in the fact that he had a very long beard at this point, and it was a wild site to take in. One meme even compared the expression to someone just waking up from work, which just went perfectly with the messy beard.

 Fast forward to 2022 and he hasn’t shaved much. He seems to be trying to go for a guru vibe, but it isn’t coming off as authentic. The beard doesn’t make him look as wise as it does crazy.  Maybe that’s just the meme-talking, but it’s hard to take him seriously after seeing that. If you look at Rodgers’s facial expressions during the game and add in his beard, it looks like he man about to commit murder.

#3 Brett Keisel former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end

 Brett Keisel is a scary-looking dude. Maybe it’s his 6-foot-three stature or his 283-pound frame, but he is not someone you want coming at you. Unfortunately for his opponents, he was a very successful Defensive end and became famous for his 2010 rally beard. It eventually helped him and The Pittsburgh Steelers to a championship that year. 

This man even nicknamed the facial hair, “Da beard” in what might be one of the coolest parts about this list.  Keisel claimed that he started growing it during summer hunting trips with his father and kept going.  Fun fact. Da Beard is actually 2-1 in The Super Bowl, including the 2010 rally beard year!

 #2 Julian Edelman former New England Patriots Wide Receiver

Did you know Julian Edelman’s beard is so famous that it got shaved on an episode of Ellen? Edelman’s beard became a defining characteristic of The Super Bowl-winning wide receiver, who had some of the best rally beards in The NFL. Some on the internet even insist the beard has magical powers.

  #1 James Harden Philadelphia 76ers Shooting guard

There is just no one more synonymous with a beard than NBA superstar, James Harden. He’s had it since the beginning of his career and turned it into a part of his image.  While Harden’s early career was wasted with The Thunder and The Nets, he eventually landed with The Philadelphia 76ers. This move gave The 76ers a dynamic starting lineup, including Joel Embid, Matisse Thybulle, and Tobias Harris. This means the beard might get MVP status and a ring before it’s all over!

 While most men on this list have an intimidating beards, Harden’s is charming. It almost makes him look philosophical. Like he’s a wizard of the court and is whipping up a new play in the cauldron. Of course, he hasn’t come up with much magic so far in the 2022-2023 season, but that could easily change.   The beard will certainly grow majestically either way though.

Photo: (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

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