People perceive charter schools as a better educational institution over public schools. Since private schools can be expensive, charter schools are thought to be the next best option. Parents really need to understand how charter schools operate behind the scenes and behind manipulative statistics. Charter schools actually work like huge corporations out to takeover companies with less financial clout. Charter schools not only receive private funds, but they also receive public funding. Not only are charter schools receiving public funds, but they are co-located in public school buildings without paying rent and often receive better access to the cafeterias, gym and school yard over the public school domiciled within the same building.  Charter schools act as the replacement to failing public schools, which is extremely relevant today in the New York City schoolsystem. When parents look at charter schools as better educational institutions please consider a few points.

Charter schools have a very strict code or rules, which are put in place on purpose. The strict rules allow charter schools to expel failing students or students with low test scores and many other reasons to appear better than public schools. Imagine your child is in a charter school and because they passed a standardized test, but not with a high score the school can say hey sorry your son/daughter did not meet this requirement we have to expel them, which can happen anytime during the school year. Charter schools want to push out students who may need a little extra help to make their competitor-public schools look bad, but actually public schools are working very hard to teach all students of all different backgrounds and of all learning capacities. Another issue to consider is the fact that charter schools rarely if at all accept children with disabilities. It seems that the appearance of succeeding supersedes actually teaching. Charter schools get away with a lot simply because there is no oversight or accountability, similar to large corporations.

Statistically parents need to consider the population in public schools and the fact that public schools accept all students. Diane Ravitch shows in 2007 charter schools had a graduation rate that was less than half that of public schools. During 2009-2010 Ravitch also shows that charter schools made less academic progress than public schools and public school students were more likely to receive higher grades. Parents before applying your child(ren) into the lottery system of charter schools look into your public school district first and consider it, because if public schools continue to close our educational system will become big business.

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