Berenice S. Rothenberg, owner and founder of Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center, believes hair removal should be a positive experience and something that a client looks forward to. This upper east side beauty center truly goes above and beyond to provide a chic and comfortable place for laser hair removal, electrolysis and face and cellulite treatments, to name a few. Aside from its signature hair removal services, Rothenberg is well-known and highly regarded for her privacy and treating generations of discerning clients who travel from all over the world to see her. Rothenberg has been providing elite services for over four decades and shares her insights for maintaining hair free, youthful and healthy skin.

A key differentiator when you go see Rothenberg is that she offers all her clients a personal consultation to discuss the history of their hair, skin health concerns and the way hair follicles grow. “Our hair grows in cycles and at different rates. I like to speak with my clients and learn about their health and history. This is the best way to determine the most comprehensive hair removal treatment and number of sessions they will need. My full attention is given to my clients individually to assess their skin and hair concerns. You don’t have to live with unwanted body hair and methods like shaving only go so far. We administer treatments that are gentle and typically more effective and long lasting than shaving. Coupling it with one of our other services such as a hydra facial or massage, can enhance the benefits and leave you feeling relaxed and confident after your treatment.”

Although hair removal does involve potential irritation to the skin, Rothenberg makes every effort to soothe the areas she works with to prevent redness and pain. The key is experience and through her education and understanding of different skin types and hair growth patterns, Rothenberg is able to do a perfect job. Needless to say, the reason why her clients are very happy and keep coming back. “I have treated thousands of clients successfully over the past 40 years and helped them to achieve their desired body image in a safe, relaxing and confidential environment. Moreover, as a nationally trained and licensed laser and electrolysis technician, I have the knowledge and skills to safely remove unwanted hair and protect my clients’ skin.”

Berenice S. Rothenberg

Facial skin care treatment is an important aspect of the services of Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center. “Our skin is a true reflection of our body’s health. It can be affected by climate, stress and lack of internal nutrients. Depending on the season, skin must be cleansed more often after exercise and outside activities. A warmer climate makes skin oily and clogs pores more easily. You need to moisturize in the warmer months, but will need to use a lighter, oil-free product and apply sunscreen more often after exercising or being in the water. In the cooler months, our skin needs to be protected against the dry air, heating in offices and homes and lack of hydration. With the right combination of skin care treatments which should include hydra facials, you will look and feel beautiful and have glowing skin.”

I spoke to Rothenberg about exfoliation and the importance of not neglecting that part of our beauty routine. She is a big proponent of regular exfoliation as it is essential for glowing skin. “Skin should be exfoliated more often in the summer to break up the keratinized protein that accumulates on the skin, which accelerates during the winter months. Removing unhealthy surface cells with exfoliation allows your skincare product regimen to work most effectively.”

It’s incredible how Rothenberg has sustained her business for over four decades and how she stays relevant. “I am constantly looking for new solutions and innovative treatment options for the removal of unwanted hair. As one of the first professionals in the field of electrolysis to be nationally certified, I continue to expand my expertise to provide the most comprehensive assortment of beauty treatments available. I am dedicated to furthering my services for my clients through continuous personal development and continuing education. I take the time to understand my client’s needs and have the experience to offer real solutions. Looking beautiful starts from within. I have the best job in the world to enhance my client’s beauty, provide them confidence with clear, hair free skin and allow them to look and feel their very best. I’m blessed to do what I love each and every day!”
Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center is proud to be a member of the Society of Clinical Medical Hair Removal, the International Guild of Professional Electrologists and the NYS Association of Laser Hair Removal Specialists. Rothenberg is also a member of some of the most prestigious Electrolysis Societies setting an industry standard in the provision of successful beauty and skin care solutions.