Jazz music is the core and fabric found in today’s music.  The golden years of the Hip Hop culture started from the sounds of Thelonius Monk to the tunes of Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane.

There’s only one place in Harlem where you can get your true authentic jazz fix. That’s at Bill’s a Place. Founded by the legendary jazz musician Bill Saxton, the nightclub is the last of the era of the 1920’s featured venues in Harlem. Yes, monumental clubs like The Cotton Club have all faded away.  This is one of the vision of Mr. Saxton; to not only restore a piece of history, but to also keep the sound of jazz pumping in the veins of Harlem. “Harlem and jazz is like a marriage.  They belong with each other”, says Mr. Saxton as he reflects on his tenure that has now reached a decade.

Historically, Bill’s Place is the discovery site of the legendary Billie Holiday.  The iconic queen of jazz genesis began in this very proving ground and it’s truly landmark full rich musical history.

Bill’s Place is the place of legends and upon entry you feel the vibe and the mystic of yesterday’s past. The antique wood furnishings as well as the accommodating hospitality makes Bill’s Place an exclusive place to relax, enjoy and appreciate the historical environment and prepare your ears for the most organic sound the Harlem native had to offer.

The venue is constantly booked and people all over the world from countries like Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and more come to hear Mr. Saxton and his band.  The fact that Bill has not spent any money on advertising and sales out every weekend is testament of the appreciation of his craft. “I love Harlem. I always wanted to bring something back [to Harlem].  It turned out to be this place which is already rich with its own history. It’s like it’s GOD sent”, Saxton says while giving slight maintenance to his saxophone.

Mr. Saxton did address the state of Jazz as a whole. “There’s a difference between a storyteller and a poet.  We have a lot of storytellers”, he says as he describe the lost of jazz’s authentic players to the today’s musicians.

Jazz will remains to be the building block of today’s music and artist like Bill Saxton who will keep the music playing.

For more information on Bill’s Place, visit billsplaceharlem.com.

Mr. Saxton closed the interview with the following saying:  “Make sure you love what you do. Because, if you make money doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.