Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness is the premiere gym to get fit, especially without breaking the bank. Blink Fitness is a gym chain that offers more than 90 locations in the USA. With local fitness centers for everyone, Blink Fitness focuses on offering the best value and premium quality equipment, trainers, and overall facilities. The sheer number of chains in the USA attests to its appeal and also makes it easy to get over the first hurdle of hitting the gym—getting there. There’s probably a location near you, so there are no excuses to avoid maintaining your fitness.

The gym offers personal training and virtual fitness. For those who like to run on the elliptical, treadmill, or general cardio, there’s always a plethora of machines, as well as weights. The healthy footfall and traffic means that Blink Fitness locations are lively and conducive to feeling pumped and motivated to become a better you.

For gym-goers who want more one-on-one attention, Blink Fitness offers experienced, positive, and motivating virtual and in-person, certified personal trainers. The intuitive Blink app, which can be used at a physical location or anywhere really, offers more than 500 classes and customizable workshops, tips, and healthy recipes. It’s all about approaching health and fitness holistically.

In-person classes with certified personal trainers are also a popular option. It takes into account COVID-19 guidelines about cleaning and socially-distanced support to make sure that you’re staying safe while at the gym. Both in-person and virtual personal training at a physical Blink location, or from the convenience of where you are, helps keep you consistent about your training regimen, from your workout to your diet. Blink Fitness specializes and helps with the personalization aspect as well. The gym chain takes to heart that what works for some, doesn’t work for all, and it doesn’t need to.

Taking into account that every gym goer has different needs, Blink Fitness offers different tiers of membership: Green, Blue, Gray, and Orange. Fundamentally, the different tiers place value on convenience and accessibility as Green, for instance, allows access to all Blink locations, while Gray allows access to only one facility. Depending on your own schedule and mobility, Blink Fitness has something for you. Whether you’re trying to lose or maintain weight on-the-run, or plan to visit the same location every day after work, Blink Fitness offers the best exercise facilities and services in the country.

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