While still a relative newcomer to the scene — her 3rd birthday still a year away — the BMW X7 has fast delivered itself upon the doorstep of relevance and surety in the eyes of casual enthusiasts and BMW purists alike.

The X7 achieves this with a driver-first mentality, and the same sort of masterful blending of performance with comfort and reliability that we’ve come to expect from BMW.

Winning a significant amount of favor for the X7 is the considerable suite of equipment that comes as standard. The interior for example is outfitted in Vernasca leather, complementing 3-row adjustable and heated electric seats.

Cabin comfort is further enhanced by 4-zone climate control, which also comes as standard. Even without opting for any of the added bells and whistles BMW has made available for the X7, drivers will not want for much in the comfort department.

For those drivers looking for even more opulence and comfort, customization options are generous in number, ranging from a panoramic sunroof with LED light patterning to temperature-controlled cup holders.

Delightfully, this mastery of providing X7 drivers with maximum comfort has not come at the expense of safety or practicality.

Also standard on the X7 is iDrive 7.0, wireless charging, and adaptive LED headlights which can be upgraded to a laser-based variation.

Though the car does have a suite of features intended to assist the driver and make their time on the road more convenient, safety remains the primary engineering language of the X7. For example, a dashboard camera that monitors the driver’s eye movement to ensure they are paying attention to the road.

Drivers who take their hands off the steering wheel for any longer than a minute will be similarly notified by the car’s onboard driver suite that they need to be more proactive in the process.

This keen pairing of convenience and safety ensures that no driver becomes too complacent or distracted while on the road, and extends to the car’s autonomous cruise control system, brake intervention and collision detection.

That’s particularly handy, because the X7 boasts an optional HUD that displays navigation instructions and a detailed map of the area the driver is in.

Best of all for lovers of the great outdoors are the X7’s off-road customization options. Here, drivers who spend time off the asphalt can play with their ride’s height, transmission response and acceleration profile, as well as the traction control system.

If you’re in a European market, you’ll want to note that the M50i models are exclusive to that region. This is due to emissions standards and laws governing exhaust, which differ from nation to nation. In Europe, vehicles have to adhere to the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. Just something to be aware of if you’re a new car owner.

If you’re living outside the European market, the XDrive50i model will be available.

Video by AFT Channel

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