We all know that the holiday season is just as much about giving thanks as it is for giving gifts but what is the best approach to wrapping up gift exchanges before they engulf us in endless shopping excursions?  Let’s face it, while many subscribe to the philosophy that many if not most things in business, and life for that matter, isn’t personal, gifting always is.  If perfecting swag is on your list this year, you’ll want to talk FinTech-meets-gift-tech this year with Bouxtie [pronounced bow-tie], an app that allows consumers to select and send gift cards from top retail brands and send a personalized video or image message along with it.  The cards can be instantly redeemed online or in-store according to the startup.

CEO, Founder, and serial entrepreneur at Bouxtie, Inc, Renato Libric has insight on gifting trends, “Digital Gift Cards are growing 26% this year (YOY), and Bouxtie offers instant delivery and personalization.  Our app, unlike others, offers HD video messaging that can be attached to every digital gift card.  Our data shows that more than 80% of our digital gift cards are sent with an HD video, 10% include image and 5% are text only.”  Deliver it wrapped or unwrapped, but Bouxtie is disrupting the $200 billion gift card industry.  They have partnered with IBM Watson and MasterCard.

According to Libric, it’s not just about the grab when technology streamlines gifting.  “We are in the business of capturing emotions and sharing those lifestyle moments via HD video wrapped in digital gift cards.  Consumers crave the impact of personalized experiences during the holiday gifting season, and we provide the perfect holiday gift-giving app, connecting people no matter where they are.”  

Bouxtie isn’t just about one-way gift giving.  The app has managed to enable gratitude, to add to the giving bliss.  The app allows recipients to send a video or photo reply in kind with a digital “Thank You” of choice.  According to Libric, Bouxtie has also graciously solved the ‘thanks but no thanks’ re-gifting dilemma, “While Bouxtie supports digital gift cards from many desirable holiday brands, it also features a “re-gifting” option just in case the recipient received a gift card they won’t use and know someone who would love that particular gift card.”  So, when you gift a card chock full of sugary treats to a newly reformed sugar addict at the Secret Santa office party, they now have an “out”.   

Libric breaks down gifting insights, commenting that the majority of Bouxtie’s “digital gift cards are sent on average about 80 miles away (from sender to recipient).”  Among Libric’s personal favorites are Whole Foods, Best Buy, Amazon, Macy’s, and Starbucks.  But that only skims the surface.  According to the Hindu Business Line there are 120 retail partners including AMC Movies, American Airlines, Celebrity Cruises, GAP, GILT, Groupon, Sephora, Spafinder Wellness, Spa Week, Wine Enthusiast and 1-800-Flowers are within reach through Bouxtie.  

It’s hard not to get on board with Bouxtie’s founding principal, especially now, “Sending love, sharing love – one person, one gift at a time.”

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