Instagram Influencer: Bodybuilder Brandon Shredded

Social media platforms like Instagram have opened up great opportunities for people to showcase their talent, skills, knowledge, and experience with the world. But to be able to thrive in this constantly growing and evolving community, someone needs to tell their story and stand as an inspiration to others. And those who do this successfully, they become the most sought-after social media influencers.

Meet Brandon Reynolds, better known as @brandonshredded on Instagram. The 30-year old bodybuilder is the owner and CEO of Limitless Supps, a workout supplement brand, as well as a popular fitness influencer on social media.

Born in the city of Chicago, Illinois, Brandon was always influenced by his father, who was a serial entrepreneur. This is how he found his inspiration on becoming an entrepreneur someday. Unfortunately, when he was 18, Brandon lost his father, and thus his hope in life. Owing to this huge loss, he battled depression for many years. But, he continued to struggle through his early adulthood and managed to earn a certification in Nursing from Kankakee Community College. He worked as a Nursing Assistant with St. Mary’s Hospital for five years, followed by a similar role at the Veteran’s Home. However, Brandon’s struggle with depression continued. That is when he sought to bodybuilding and fitness. Spending hours at the gym and dedicating himself to focus on his physique, helped him address his state of mind and boosted his mental health.

In 2013, he started his Instagram account, to document his show on bodybuilding that he was taking part in during that time. Like all aspiring individuals, his social media activities were about his bodybuilding update. But before he could have realized anything, he had thousands of people following him for his endeavors. He soon started sharing his workout photos and videos and his journey from a regular body to a muscular body-builder. Soon, he realized the potential he had on this social platform and dedicated himself to becoming an influencer.

In 2014, he quit his nursing job and moved to Arizona for a new start. He worked towards fulfilling his fitness dream, by initiating online training and making a name for himself. A couple of years later in 2016, Brandon Reynolds founded Limitless Supps, which still runs successfully and attracts many buyers.

With more than 300,000 followers and still counting, Brandon Reynolds stands as an example of victory from depression and remains one of the most popular Instagram influencers on fitness and bodybuilding.