Brianne Buishas

Brianne Buishas is a model, actor, and voiceover talent who lives to create, tell stories, and pursue her creative work goals. She has modeled for various brands and magazines, including editorial, accessory, hair, bridal, beauty, and fashion. Some of her recent publications include Vogue Portugal print, Vogue Italia, Gothesque, Iconic Artist Magazine, and Pump Magazine. 

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Brianne was involved in theater, speech team, acapella, and choir. She went on to graduate from Loyola University Chicago studying communications and environmental science. Afterwards, falling in love with her post graduated study abroad program with Semester At Sea, traveling the world by ship and acting in The Man who Turned Into a Dog. From there she became more focused on modeling, voiceover acting, and transitioning from theater to film work. A part from her career, her passions include baking, animals, traveling, and yoga. 

For Brianne’s voiceover work, she specializes in children’s voices, including narration, commercial, and animation. She was thrilled to be part of the recently released third season of the podcast series The Phenomenon ( based off the novel by R.K. Katic, playing nine-and-a-half year old Sarya, as an extraterrestrial invasion takes over earth. She is also excited to play Harlow in an interactive video game, Moonlight Magic, that will be used for children in hospitals. 

Throughout the past five years, Brianne has also struggled with an undiagnosed chronic illness and is extremely thankful to have found a specialist and team of doctors helping her get to the bottom of things and gain back good health. She has become determined to use her very illness to prove that she, and others struggling, can still live life to its fullest, chase dreams, and thrive doing so. 

Brianne lives by the idea that the world is her stage and will never stop playing and dressing up. She believes that we should never stop chasing our dreams and passions, while still recognizing that nothing happens over night. 

Photo Credit: Ron Hines

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