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Top Ten Women in Sports

#10 Rhea Ripley WWE Superstar

Rhea Ripley is a name that probably doesn’t sound familiar to those outside of pro wrestling, but it belongs here.Her dramatic heel work as part of The Judgement Day faction and must watch segments on Monday Night Raw have turned her into one of the most talked about names in the industry.

She’s definitely not like the other women on the roster, sporting a more gothic look that makes her look intimidating. Between her ripped physique, dark persona and beautiful looks, she is everything WWE needs. She also won The 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble and thus earned a shot at Charlotte Flair’s title at WrestleMania 38.

#9 Hailie Deegan NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver

Hailee Deegan has been making waves and laps in NASCAR for years now, giving her a plethora of experience to draw from. The 21-year-old even finished in the Top 20 in her first Xfinity Series appearance, which is one of the best finishes ever for a female driver at that level.

While Deegan has suffered from growing pains in The Truck Series, her aforementioned experience could lead her to a pretty solid season. She knows the ropes now and can draw on that for future success. There is even growing arguments to bring her to The Xfinity Series and build her from there.

Either way, she is one of the big talking points in the sport and for good reason. She comes from a younger generation that can leverage social media to their advantage. Deegan has over a 100 thousand fans across her social media handles, making her very appealing to sponsors. There’s just so much potential here and you kind of want to see how it will play out.

#8 Kelsey Plum Las Vegas Aces player

Kelsey Plum has done something that is difficult for most athletes to do. She came back from an Achilles injury in 2020 and emerged as a centerpiece of The Las Vegas Aces. She also won most improved player of the year in 2022 and helped the team to a championship!

Not everyone just comes back from an injury, spends a year on the bench and does this! It is very rare that players return to their original form, which is what makes Plum so unique.This just proves how mentally tough this woman is and how much she loves professional basketball. Otherwise, she would have left a long time ago.

#7 Alex Morgan, United States soccer player!

Only the best athletes in the world can go against varying types of competition and still have success. Soccer player Alex Morgan is definitely one of those, having competed in several leagues, tournaments and The Olympics. No matter what the competition however, she always puts on a great show!

For example, she had 15 goals in 17 appearances for The San Diego Wave FC. At the Cup level Morgan scored four goals in six appearances.She even helped The United States qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics thanks to her play in the CONCACAF W Championship.

The old saying goes that iron sharpens iron and this seems to be the case with Morgan. She just exceeds expectations at every level and is integral to a team’s victory.Whether it’s league competition, a big-name tournament, or the playoffs, you want Morgan on your team!

#6 Brittany Force NHRA driver and champion

Brittany Force is a force to be reckoned with in NHRA and proved that by becoming a two-time champion. She accomplished this by winning the 2022 Top Fuel Championship and is the second woman to hold a Top fuel title in 35 years. That’s a huge accolade and shows just how special of an individual force she is.

 Her most notable accomplishment has to be that she went from a rookie to a top fuel champion in just five years. That’s a very short time of development and proves just how quickly she took to the sport. Looking at her career as a whole, she has 16 Top Fuel wins and has been in 42 Top Fuel qualifiers. The sky is the limit for her!

#5 Valentina Shevchenko UFC fighter

There are few women as scary as Valentina Shevchenko and that is for very good reason. The current Flyweight champion might stand at just five foot five and 125 pounds, but that woman is a keg of dynamite that can pack a punch. She even won her lone title fight in 2022, defeating Talia Santos to retain her championship.

Shevchenki is 23-3 as a fighter with eight TKO’s and seven forced submissions. What’s so amazing about Shevchenko though is her ability to dominate despite her size. She is literally five feet of fury and a problem for anyone fighting her. She will definitely remain a top name for years to come.

#4 Chloe Kim: Olympic snowboarder

There are very few athletes that can win back-to-back Gold medals, but Chloe Kim is one of them. She did this by nabbing gold during the 2018 and 2022 Olympic games halfpipe competitions, becoming the first woman to do so. That makes her a trailblazer in the sports world and a very good role model for women.

#3 Katie Ledecky U.S Olympic Swimmer

Katie Ledecky might be most known for her performance in The 2022 Tokyo Olympics, but she absolutely rocked The World Championships in 2022.Ledecky’s performance was so dominant that she won every event she entered. This resulted in four gold medals, and one of the best performances in World Championship history.

Her four medals were enough to pass Natalie Coughin for most in a women’s swimming career.Ledecky’s success continued throughout the meet too,leading to a world record in relay and finishing ten seconds ahead in another. There was just no beating her during that meet and the competition found out the hard way.

She finished off the meet by winning the FINA swimmer of the meet for a third time. There are very few athletes in the world of sports that are this dominant and it just goes to show how unique of an athlete she can be. She continues to break records as her schedule continues and will be a force to be reckoned with in the Olympics.

#2 Suni Lee United States gymnast

Suni Lee had the impossible task of being passed the torch by Simon Biles at the 2020 Olympics and responded very well. While Lee played a big role in The United States qualifying for the next round of the Olympics, she also went above and beyond in her duties. This came in the form of stepping in for Simone Biles during floor exercises.

Lee would ultimately take this opportunity to shine and earned a 15.400 in the uneven arms, which is tied for the best score ever. This would be good enough for Lee to bring the United States to second in that category. She finished up the Olympics with a Gold medal in floor routines, making her the star of the competition.

#1 Brittney Griner Phoenix Mercury

Brittney Griner did something that no other woman on this list managed to do. She made an impact without even stepping on the court and brought a lot of people together that wouldn’t be otherwise. This is due to her being detained by Russian officials in 2022 during the ongoing war in Ukraine, leading to her imprisonment.

Her arrest sparked outrage around the United States and started conversations about how to bring the former champion home. While some were quick to turn their backs on Griner after her controversial comments about the United States, others continued to fight for her release.

All of this culminated on December 6th, 2022, when The Bring our families home organization and The United States successfully negotiated her release from Russian prison. Griner returned to American soil a few days later and while she still has her critics, her impact on American politics and sports can’t be disputed.

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