At a time where everyone is focusing on the latest gadgets and gizmos, the emergence of the Danish designer watch brand Bulbul is a refreshing demonstration that timepieces can still be both high-end and simplistic. Although minimalistic in its presentation, Bulbul watches are far from boring. In fact, its subtlety makes this newcomer a standout in the international watch scene. Bulbul combines practicality with modern innovation that makes their designer watches stylish, fun pieces to wear. 

Meticulous in attention to the detail of its watches, Bulbul spent over two years fine-tuning the design of its premiere collection, Pebble. Inspired by the worn pebbles found on Scandinavian beaches; the Pebble collection has positioned the watchmaker as one of the up-and-coming leaders in watch wear. Currently, Bulbul has three collections: Pebble, Facette, and Ore. All three boast unique designs while staying true to the brand’s simplistic approach. 

Bulbul watches evoke luxury without the glitz. For example, the faces of these timepieces are clean, sharp, and sophisticated. While some Bulbul watches feature a bare dial, it is easy to read the time. Rather than positioning the crown on the right-hand side of the watch, Bulbul has placed it on the upper-right of the frame. The placement allows you to adjust the time without taking off the watch. With up to ten years battery life, Bulbul watches are built to last and designed to always be in style. 

The price of these watches reflects their luxury. They are available at Bulbul’s website with a starting price of €299.00 ($337) and free worldwide shipping. These designer watches can also be found on Amazon where prices begin at $299. Bulbul has a handful watch dealers located across the United States, namely in California and New York City. 

It’s not a watch you’ll find on many other wrists, which adds to its allure. With a simple and timeless design, Bulbul watches will stand the test of time.

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