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Serves 6 This is a perfect recipe for a lazy Sunday when time is on your side. You start with a few ingredients and then you forget about it for a few hours, let it simmer and develop the most amazing rich flavors, until you’re left

Freshly frying up a batch of these doughnuts is one of my absolute favorite ways to spoil my guests. , Without all the kneading, waiting, rolling, and so on, this is an easy treat for a host to put together at the last minute, and

Yields 1 serving  I hate watered down coffee, so I created a drink that gets better and stronger as it sits. Frozen Lavender Latte. The slightly warm almond milk gently coaxes the super concentrated coffee from it’s frozen hibernation. The result is a perfectly balanced summer

2-4 servings This is my version of a vegetarian steak night. I love taking large cuts of vegetables and cooking them with  meat-type preparations and big robust flavors. The Romesco freezes well and makes a meal out of any vegetable or meat in a flash.  For the