Just a few short decades ago, all-electric cars were practically a sci-fi concept our society was flirting with. You might see one on The Jetsons, but on the way to the grocery store? Not a chance! Fast forward to today, and one might be forgiven for

Rolls-Royce have always been the foremost statement-makers of the auto industry. No other company has been able to match their coveted approach to luxurious design language, pedigree, and the ability to consistently impart a feeling of heightened status -- not only in the automotive food

Though headline real estate is understandably hard to come by in 2021 thanks to offerings like the Porsche Macan or the Land Rover Defender we’ve covered previously, but drivers would do well not to forget about the Land Rover Range Rover Velar. With a modern hybrid

Land Rover Defender Wearing its best love-letter-to-the-1950’s aesthetic, the new Land Rover Defender is anything but antiquated; it’s about as hi-fi and modern as an off-roader gets. There are three engines/models available, each with four-wheel drive as a standard offering. The car also offers drivers the options

When you think about Lamborghini, a certain “bedroom wall superhero” aesthetic comes to mind -- there’s something about the mad design language, the flare, the supernova’s worth of power and grunt under the hood, and the attitude of a lambo that brings out the giddy

What’s the rarest thing in the whole of the automotive industry? A disappointed Mazda Miata driver! They simply don’t exist. The Miata has been an outright staple of performance motoring for the better part of three decades, so much so that its consistent placement among

While still a relative newcomer to the scene -- her 3rd birthday still a year away -- the BMW X7 has fast delivered itself upon the doorstep of relevance and surety in the eyes of casual enthusiasts and BMW purists alike. The X7 achieves this with

Toyota’s RAV4 lineup received a facelift in 2019. The exalted manufacturer modernized the styling of the RAV4 (giving the car a capable, aggressive exterior appearance), expanded the suite of standard and optional features available to buyers at the point of sale, and began offering bespoke